3730 Group | VE3ORF

Nightly Net on 3730 KHz (SSB) at 19:30 Eastern time (except Tuesday).

Digital Net on Tuesdays at 20:00 Eastern time:

  • 3730 Group Repeaters (see below)
  • Wires X Canada-Link
  • BrandMeister 30236 Canada-Link
  • YSF FCS00117
  • Allstar Node 52506
VE3ORF-N444.550+Fusion C4FMLinked*
VE3ORF-S444.975+Fusion C4FMLinked*
VE3ORF-401146.700-Fusion C4FMLinked*
VE3TST444.125+DMRNot currently linked

* Linked to Wires-X Canada-Link, BrandMeister TG30236, YSF FCS00117, and Allstar Node 52506


We hold an informal monthly meeting the first Tuesday of every month at Broadway Bar and Grill, 1896 Prince of Wales Drive, Ottawa at the corner of Fisher Avenue. The meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. For information please contact Mike Myers at MikeMyers (at) rogers.com.

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